Consular registration

How do you register with the Consulate General?

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Why you should register 

If you are a Belgian national, registration in the population registry at a Belgian diplomatic or consular representation abroad is not compulsory but it is highly recommended, as it allows you to access the same type of services as those offered by the local authorities in Belgium, such as: applying for or renewing your passport or identity card, obtaining a consular certificate (attestation of residence, attestation of nationality, etc.), registering a newborn child or taking part in the federal or European elections in Belgium. If you are not registered, these services will not be offered to you. 

You can register at the Consulate General in Montreal provided that you reside in the consular post’s jurisdiction, which comprises Canada, Bermuda and the Territorial Collectivity of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon. 

Registration is free of charge. 

The day you move out of the jurisdiction of the Consulate General in Montreal no formalities are required. You simply have to register with the Belgian embassy or consulate of your destination, or with your municipality in Belgium. 

You can choose between 2 different ways to submit your registration:  

(1) Online registration 
(2) Registration by e-mail 

Registration online 

Under certain conditions, Belgians can register online. As this service is only available in Dutch of in French, you are invited to consult the dedicated webpage in Dutch or French

If you are unable to follow this procedure, you can always register by e-mail by following the instructions below

Registration by e-mail 

Please gather all following documents and scan them in pdf format: 

A. Adults (+ 18 years old) 

  1. The registration form, either in Dutch (PDF, 161.7 KB) or in French (PDF, 165.84 KB), duly completed and signed (1 form per person!); 
  2. Recent (less than 6 months) passport-sized photo; 
  3. Proof of legal status in Canada: copy of your Certificate of Canadian Citizenship (front/back), permanent resident card (front/back), work permit, student permit, etc.; 
  4. Proof of address (less than 6 months): copy of your driver’s license (front/back) OR a recent water, gas, electricity bill OR internet bill OR lease contract; [Please note: no other proof than those mentioned will be accepted]; 
  5. Copy of passport or ID card (front/back); 
  6. Please complete the election registration form in Dutch (PDF, 49.54 KB) or French (PDF, 51.37 KB), and the proxy form in Dutch (PDF, 42.35 KB) or French (PDF, 42.74 KB) IF you are voting by proxy; 
  7. Only if you come from Belgium directly: proof that you were un-registered from your Belgian municipality ("Model 8" form). If you have not done so yet, you must ask your last municipality to complete your unregistration by sending them a declaration of departure, either in Dutch (PDF, 5.56 KB) or in French (PDF, 7.57 KB)
  8. If you are residing with your spouse/partner, provide a proof of address and a copy of her/his passport; 
  9. For registration of non-Belgian family members living at your address, you must complete this form either in French (PDF, 184.61 KB) or in Dutch (PDF, 166.38 KB) 

B. Minors (- 18 years old) 

  1. The registration form, either in Dutch (PDF, 193.71 KB) or in French (PDF, 113.47 KB), duly completed and signed by both parents (at least one parent has to be registered at the same address as the child); 
  2. Recent passport-sized photo; 
  3. Proof of the minor’s legal status in Canada; 
  4. Copy of the passport of both parents (with signature); 
  5. Copy of the minor’s passport; 
  6. Only if you come from Belgium directly: proof of your unregistration from your Belgian municipality’s population registry ("Model 8" form). If you have not done so yet, you must ask your last municipality to complete your unregistration by sending them a declaration of departure, either in Dutch (PDF, 5.56 KB) or in French (PDF, 7.57 KB)

How do I file my application for registration? 

In order for your registration file to be admissible, please carefully follow the instructions below:

  • Send your complete file by e-mail
  • For each person to register, send the file in ONE E-MAIL. This e-mail must not exceed 15Mb otherwise it will not be received. 
  • In your email, indicate the identity of the person to register: NAME, First name(s), Date of birth. 
  • Your documents must be scanned in PDF format. In addition, they must be perfectly readable. 
  • Each pdf file must correspond to a requested document type (i.e. 1 pdf file per document type). Your files should be numbered in the order listed above. Finally, they must be attached to your email. 

PLEASE NOTE: An incomplete file, or one that does not meet the instructions above, will not be processed. 

It is not necessary to attend the Consulate General in person to register, nor to make an appointment. 

For the registration of a new-born child, follow this link

Subscription to the "Belgium in Canada" newsletter

By registering in the consular registry in Montreal, you give your consent to receive the newsletter "Belgium in Canada". This newsletter contains useful consular information for Belgians living in Canada. It is published about 4 times a year and sent by e-mail. If you do not wish to receive this newsletter, please let us know when you register. 

National Register 

A Belgian National Register number is assigned to every Belgian at birth. This identification number is unique to each individual and remains the same during a Belgian’s entire life. The National Register is a database containing legally protected identity data, which are treated confidentially. You have the right to consult these data and to have them modified in case of error. 


Privacy statement (Dutch) or Privacy statement (French).