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Vaccination of Belgians abroad

EU Digital COVID Certificate

To date, there is no mechanism for mutual or automatic recognition between the COVID-19 vaccination programmes set up in Canada, on the one hand, and in the European Union, on the other. Technical and political dialogues between Canadian and European authorities are underway to this end. Vaccination certificates issued by the Canadian provinces or the Canadian proof of vaccination (federal template) can therefore not be used as such in Belgium. 

In the meantime, to have their Canadian vaccination recognized in Belgium, Belgians are invited to contact a general practitioner in Belgium who will register this vaccination in Vaccinnet (note: no intervention by the Consulate General or by Belgian Foreign Affairs is possible in this matter). Once your vaccination is registered in Vaccinnet, you can get the EU Digital COVID Certificate. This certificate makes it easier for its holders to travel within the European Union. 

See https://www.masante.belgique.be and  https://covidsafe.be/en/

To download your certificate, you ought to have an activated Belgian eID which allows you to identify yourself online. 

Please also see the page Travel to Belgium for additional information. 


General Principles 

According to the principle of territoriality, Belgian citizens residing abroad will, to the possible extent, be vaccinated in their country of residence.

A. If you live in one of the countries/territories mentioned in this list and are registered at the local Embassy/Consulate General, you can pre-register for a vaccination during a stay in Belgium. The foreign spouse/partner and the foreign adult children of a registered Belgian citizen living in the same household (as attested in the National Register) will have the same access to vaccination as the Belgian citizen. The local Embassy/Consulate General will send information on the procedure. 

B. Belgian citizens residing in a country offering the same types of vaccines as those used in the Belgian vaccination campaign are invited to be vaccinated in the framework of the vaccination campaign of their country of residence.