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COVID-19 : Exceptional measures for an exceptional situation

The ban on non-essential travel from any country outside of the European Union to Belgium is still in force and will remain so until further notice.

Neither Canadian residents nor residents are allowed to travel for tourism, family visits and regular business trips.

Exceptionally, these temporary travel restrictions do not apply to some nationalities, nor to essential workers or people traveling for imperative reasons.

The following people are authorized to travel, bearing in mind that usual access requirements to Belgium (e.g.: visa) must be observed.

  • Access granted for any purpose

- Belgian citizens;
- Citizens of the European Union, the Schengen area and of Associated States (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) 
- Long term residents of Europe

  • Access for essential reasons - subject to authorization

1. Work-related travel in the key sectors
2. Work-related travel in other sectors, under conditions
3. Transit : international or Schengen
4. Travel for imperative family reasons
5. Travel for essential needs


1. Work-related travel in the key sectors:

- Health sector: health practitioners, professionals and researchers as well as professionals providing care for the elderly
- Frontier workers
- Seasonal agricultural workers
- Transport staff
- Diplomats, and staff or people necessary for the good functioning of international organizations
- Security services: civil protection and military staff, police officials, Immigration Office personnel, customs agents
- Humanitarian staff
- Mariners

2. Work-related travel in other sectors, under conditions

Work-related travel in a sector that has not been mentioned under title 1 could be authorized under conditions: the said activity must be essential, have an undeniable economic value for Belgium and cannot be performed from abroad.

3. Transit : international or Schengen

4. Travel for imperative family reasons

- Family reunification or visas required for cohabitation or marriage in Belgium
- Short-stay visits for married couples, legal cohabitants or long-term partners
Instructions for long-term partners : Instructions
- Family visits in the diplomatic sector : husband/wife, children of a diplomat working in Belgium, traveling with an affidavit of support granted by the Belgian Foreign Affairs Protocol Services.
- Travels for co-parenting
- Funerals, cremation, weddings (1st and 2nd degrees)

5. Travel for essential needs

- Humanitarian reasons
- compelling medical visits or urgent medical care;
- Migration for studies and internships in the frame of studies
- Researchers who have a research agreement
- Employees, self-employed and au-pairs: Single permit-holders, self-employed workers who have a professional card and au-pair workers.

Anyone who intends to go to Belgium for an essential reason must obtain a travel authorization or a visa before traveling.

For a long stay (>90jours): you should apply for a D-visa.

For a short stay (<90jours): Nationalities subject to Schengen visas must apply for a C-visa (short stay visa) (please refer to the instructions below). For others: please apply for a “travel exemption” by email to the Consulate General of Belgium in Montreal – please specify under which category. This document is not necessary for mariners, passengers in transit nor diplomats.

Notice to all passengers

The Consulate General of Belgium in Montreal is not responsible to grant access to our territory, which is a prerogative of the Border control. The Border Control always keeps the ultimate right to let any traveler enter Belgium or not.

Any passenger must be able to show to both the airline and the border control that they meet the entry requirements of the Schengen area.

When traveling from Canada to Belgium, it is necessary to meet the current health requirements to be granted access to the territory, such as complying with a 14-day-quarantine and taking a Covid-test.

Before traveling, all travelers must :

Additional health measures may be imposed.

All other visa applications have been suspended until further notice.


A. Where to apply?
B. What type of visa do you need?
C. Apply for a visa

A. Where to apply

Applications should be made from the traveler’s country of residence.

In Canada, your contact point is the Consulate general of Belgium in Montreal.

The Consulate general is the exclusive provider of visa services in Canada for

  • Short stay visas for Belgium
  • Long stay visas for Belgium

Therefore, no queries related to visas should be sent to the Embassy of Belgium in Ottawa or honorary consulates.

B. What type of visa do you need ?

1. Airport transit
2. Short stay (< 90days)
3. Long stay (> 90days)

1. Airport transit

An airport transit visa (A visa) is used to transit through the international transit zone of an airport.

Do you need an airport transit visa?

The following categories of travelers benefit from an exemption and do not need an airport transit visa:

  • Canadian citizens and nationals of most countries
  • Permanent residents of Canada travelling with a valid permanent resident card
  • Travelers who hold a valid visa for Canada

If you have to leave the international airport transit zone or if you are transiting through more than 1 airport in the Schengen area, you must be authorised for a short stay (i.e. apply for a Schengen Visa).

For further information on transits in Belgium, please check the website of our border control services.

2. Short stay (< 90days)

Any stay of maximum 90 days in Belgium is a short stay.

If you wish to stay in Belgium for up to 90 days in any 180 days period, you may have to apply for a Schengen visa (short stay visa or C visa), depending on your nationality.

Do you need a short stay visa?

  • Nationals subject to a short stay visa: visa obligations
  • Canadian citizens: Canadians are exempted from Schengen visas.
    Travel is authorised for up to 90 days over 180 days in the Schengen area without a visa.
  • Refugees or undetermined nationality: bearers of a travel document for Refugees or a certificate of identity issued by Canada are subject to a short stay visa if they wish to travel to Belgium.
  • Diplomatic and service passports: exemptions and obligations

Determine the duration of your stay

If you have recently traveled to the Schengen area, please mind the above-mentioned rule of 90/180days: the Schengen Calculator will help you prepare your next trips or visa application.

Apply for a short stay visa

To apply for a short stay visa, please click here.

3. Long stay (> 90days)

Any stay of more than 90 days in Belgium is a long stay.
Citizens of the European Union or of the European Economic Area benefit from an exemption.

Apply for a long stay visa

Application procedures are based on categories. Please determine your category and prepare your application file according to the relevant list of documents.

To apply for a long stay in Belgium, please click here.

C. Apply for a visa

To apply for a short stay in Belgium, please click here

To apply for a long stay in Belgium, please click here.