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Working Holiday Program - WHP

The Working Holiday Program (WHP) is addressed to young Canadians who would like to work and travel in Luxembourg for up to a year. Travel is the main objective of the Program, while paid work is only secondary. 

Terms of participation

Canadian citizens living in Canada, aged between 18 and 30 years old (inclusive) can participate if they meet the eligibility criteria of the program.

Applicants are expected to be in good health, to maintain throughout their stay an extensive insurance, and to have sufficient financial means to travel. They should travel with no dependents. They must also meet all requirements of good conduct in relation to public order and security. Finally, they should not have benefited from the Program with Luxembourg before. 


Please send the following documents to the Consulate General of Belgium in Montreal, by registered or secured mail (Xpresspost, DHL, FedEx, UPS, Purolator…):

Requirements / Documents

1. Payment of the Consular fees (300 $)
Amount: 300 Canadian dollars (See Consular fees).
Format: Bank draft or certified cheque (issued by a Canadian bank) or Postal Money Order (issued by Canada Post). Cash or personal cheques are NOT accepted. 
Order of: Consulate General of Belgium in Montreal 

2. Two recent pictures
Format: passport size, color with white background, recent (less than 6 months) 

3. Canadian passport
Validity: > 15 months following the start of the WHP

4. Application form
Format: Visa application form for a Long stay in Luxembourg, filled out, dated and signed.
Fill out the form online: VisaOnWeb  

5. Police check
Source: Issued by the RCMP.
Format: Original certificate bearing the RCMP stamp (no web version). 
Fingerprints are mandatory.
Date: Issued less than 6 months before application 

6. Medical certificate
Download: Medical certificate

7. Proof of sufficient funds
Subject: Establish that you will have access to the equivalent of EUR 2,500 minimum from abroad. 
Format: Your most recent bank statements bearing your full name. Alternatively: a bank certificate, signed by your banker. No screenshot. 

8. Ability to return
A return flight ticket or sufficient financial means to purchase a return ticket (e.g.: copy of a credit card in your name with a validity > 1 year + latest credit card statement) 

9. Insurance coverage
Subject: Travel and health care insurance, including occupational accident, hospitalisation and return home coverage for 365 days (= the duration of the visa).
Format: A clear and concise certificate of insurance, including your first name and last name, as well as basic information on the insurance coverage. The insurance company should be based in Canada. 

10. A return envelope
Subject: This envelope will be used to safely ship your passport and other confidential documents back to you. 
Format: A prepaid and preaddressed courier envelope, with a tracking number: e.g.: XpressPost, FedEx, DHL, Purolator or UPS.  
Information: No document will be posted to an address outside Canada. Please contact a courier service to verify which type of envelope is best suited. 

11. Proof of accommodation:
Proof of accommodation for the first 15 days (hotel reservation, in particular letter of invitation with copy of identity document) 


The Consulate General of Belgium reserves the right to ask for any further documents. 

Submit your application

Applications should be sent by registered or secured mail to the following address no later than one month before your intended travel date: 

Consulate General of Belgium in Montreal
Visa Dept. / WHP 
1000, Sherbrooke Street West - suite 1400 
H3A 3G4 Montreal, QC, Canada  

Information about your visa

Processing time: 15-30 days

Cost: 300 $ (equivalent to CAD 270 for the visa fee + CAD 30 for the legalisation of your police certificate)

Duration: 1 year from the date the multiple entry visa was issued 

Renewal: The visa cannot be renewed nor prolonged 

Employment: The holder of a Working-Holiday visa is authorised to work from the date of arrival in Luxembourg 

Administrative requirements:
Upon your arrival in Luxembourg: head to the city hall/local administration in order to declare that you have arrived and get registered. When your visa expires: go back to your city hall locally in order to declare that you are leaving.