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COVID-19: Extraordinary times - Extraordinary measures



As of January 18th, 2022, Canada is classified by Belgium as a "red zone"
. This classification entails a number of restrictions for travel to Belgium (see below). 

Therefore, all non-essential travel to Belgium remains discouraged

Access to Belgium is conditional upon the usual entry requirements as well as extraordinary safety measures put in place to contain the COVID-19 pandemic (see below). 


Travellers subject to Schengen visas must apply for a short-stay visa in accordance with the instructions available on our website.
Please note: Schengen visas are not required for Canadian citizens for a stay of less than 90 days. 


Passenger Locator Form 

Every person travelling from Canada to Belgium must complete a 'Passenger Locator Form' (PLF) within 6 months prior to arrival. Belgian consulates cannot assist you filling out this form. 

Vaccination certificate 

Entering Belgium: since January 10th, 2022, Belgium requires all travelers from Canada to present proof of vaccination against COVID-19 attesting to the completion of a complete vaccination schedule according to Belgian rules. For all other cases, please consult the info-coronavirus portal. If you were vaccinated in Canada, please bring your Canadian proof of vaccination
Furthermore, following the requirements of the Canadian authorities, since October 30th, 2021, any person aged 12 years and over must be fully vaccinated to travel by air from Canada to a foreign country, including Belgium. People wishing to apply for an exemption are invited to contact the Canadian authorities or their airline company. Belgian authorities cannot intervene in this matter. 

Participating in activities in Belgium: in order to access certain venues in Belgium, you may need to show a 'Covid Safe Ticket' (CST). Please note: while the CST is currently no longer mandatory, the requirement to present a CST to access certain locations may be reinstated at any time - please follow the official Belgian websites for the latest news. Also, please note that vaccination certificates issued by Canadian provinces are not recognized by Belgium. We invite you to download the Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination which is recognized by Belgium. However, please note that your Canadian proof of vaccination will not be usable as such in Belgium, as the QR codes of the Canadian and European certificates meet different technical standards. You will need to convert your Canadian proof of vaccination into an EU Digital COVID Certificate (if you are Belgian) or into a 'Covid Safe Ticket' (if you are not Belgian) according to the procedures mentioned on this page. 

To convert your foreign certificate into a Belgian certificate/EU Digital COVID Certificate, a mechanism is available only to Belgian citizens, to people residing in Belgium as well as to their immediate family members. Details on how to make use of this mechanism are available on this page. Please note that the Consulate General does not intervene in any way in this procedure. You will need to contact a doctor in Belgium by your own means. 

For non-Belgians, the Brussels and Walloon Regions have put in place a conversion mechanism to get a 'Covid Safe Ticket' which would be valid for one month and only in Belgium. Register on this page (Brussels) or this page (Wallonia). Please note these mechanisms are not available to Belgian citizens. 

COVID-19 tests 

Entering Belgium: since 18 February 2022, travellers from Canada who are fully vaccinated or have a recovery certificate do not need to take a COVID-19/PCR test for direct travel to Belgium or for airport transit. For all other cases, please consult the info-coronavirus portal.
Recovery certificates are valid for 180 days after a positive PCR test. For more details, please consult the info-coronavirus portal.

Participating in activities in Belgium: if you do not have an EU Digital COVID Certificate and cannot “convert” your foreign vaccination certificate, you must follow local guidelines and consider the possibility of being tested on site in order to obtain a COVID Test Certificate through to the Belgian CovidSafeBE application (note: the validity period of such a certificate is limited: 48 hours to 72 hours after the test). 


There is no general quarantine requirement for travellers from Canada to Belgium if they are fully vaccinated or have a recovery certificate. For all other cases, please consult the info-coronavirus portal.

Entry conditions and health measures in Belgium 

Updated information on entry conditions and health measures in force in Belgium is available on the info-coronavirus portal 


Check the specific health measures put in place by your airline. In case of transit, make sure to follow the measures of the transit country in addition to the Belgian measures. 

Notice to all travellers 

The Consulate General of Belgium in Montreal is not responsible for granting access to Belgium's territory, which is a prerogative of the Belgian Border control. Border control always keeps the ultimate right to let any traveler enter Belgium or not. 

All passengers must be able to show to both the airline and border control that they meet the entry requirements of the Schengen Area.