Embassy and Consulates of Belgium in Canada

Who's who

Embassy of Belgium in Ottawa

Patrick VAN GHEEL, Ambassador 
Arnaud GASPART, Deputy Head of Mission (political affairs)
Maxime RAMON, Counselor (economic affairs)
Rear Admiral Carl  GILLIS, Defence, Military, Naval and Air Attaché (Washington D.C.
Patrick STEVENS, Chief Superintendent of Police (Washington D.C.)

Wided BOURGUIBA-KAPER, personal assistant to the Ambassador
Dominique HONHON, information and press 
Channah DE JONG, accounting and finance
Gabriel BRÛLÉ-PILON, driver-recepionist


Communities and Regions

General Delegation of the French Community and Walloon Region 
Sharon WEINBLUM, Delegate General
43, Rue de Buade - Office 520 
Quebec (Quebec) G1R 4A2 
Tel.:  (+1) 418 692-4148 
Fax:  (+1) 418 692-0575 
Email: quebec@delwalbru.be
Website: www.wallonie-bruxelles.ca

Canadian companies interested in the procurement of goods and services from companies based in the three regions of Belgium should address their requests to the economic and trade commissioners. They can also give information about partnership and investment opportunities in Belgium. Read more...