Embassy and Consulates of Belgium in Canada

Who's who

The Consulate General's staff:

, Consul General  
Charly POPPE, Consul 
Marie-Josée CLOUTIER, Nationality, Civil Status, Digitalisation 
Frank DE RISSEAU, Passports, eIDs, Pensions 
Valentine FOUCART, Assistant to the Consul General 
Nasreen KASSAM, Passports, eIDs, Assistance  
Alissa LEROY, Visas 
Jean-Noël ROLLAND, Nationality, Civil Status, Digitalisation 
Thibault TARIN, Registration, Affidavit of support for foreign students 
Cecilia VEGAS, Finances, Notarial Acts, Student Visas 

For passports & eIDs: idpas.montreal@diplobel.fed.be 
For nationality & civil status: nat.montreal@diplobel.fed.be 
For visas: montreal.visa@diplobel.fed.be 
For other queries: montreal@diplobel.fed.be 

Due to the high number of calls we receive, you may not be able to reach the Consulate General by phone. However, a lot of information is available on this website. If you cannot find the information needed, send us an email. In the interest of an informative answer, please identify yourself properly by stating your name, date of birth, nationality and contact details. 

Honorary Consulates 

Contact details for the Honorary Consuls in Bermuda, Halifax, Québec, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg. 

Communities and Regions 

General Delegation of the French Community and Walloon Region 
Sharon WEINBLUM, Delegate General
43, Rue de Buade - Office 520 
Québec (Québec) G1R 4A2 
Tel.:  (+1) 418 692-4148 
Fax:  (+1) 418 692-0575 
E-mail: quebec@delwalbru.be
Web:  www.wallonie-bruxelles.ca

Canadian companies interested in partnering with Belgian companies or in investing in Belgium are invited to contact the economic and commercial attachés established in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.. Read more...