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Registration at the Consulate general in Montreal

Although it is not compulsory, your registration is highly recommended. Only registered Belgians can get the full range of services offered by the Consulate general in Montreal. Registration is free of charge. The consular registers are linked to the national register in Belgium. These registers are handled confidentially and you always have a right to access your file. The day you move out of the jurisdiction of the Consulate general in Montreal no formalities need to be done.

Once you are registred, you can apply for a passport, identity card or consular certificate. The Consulate-General will answer your questions about civil status and nationality. As a registred Belgian citizen, you will have to participate in the federal and European elections in Belgium.

Registration online

Under certain conditions, Belgians can register online. As this service is only available in Dutch of in French, you are kindly requested to consult the webpage in Dutch or French.


Registration by e-mail

1. You must complete one form per person, either in Dutch or in French, and supply one passport-sized photo.

2. For minors: both parents need to sign the form in either Dutch or French.

3. You must add the following documents:

  • Proof of your residence status in Canada (copy front/back of the permanent resident card, work visa, student visa etc.)
  • Proof of address: copy of your driver's licence (front and back) OR most recent utility bill;
  • Copy of your passport or ID card (front and back);
  • Only if you come directly from Belgium: proof that you were de-registered from the town hall registration (model 8). If need be, you can request the de-registration from the town hall with this form, either in Dutch or in French.

4. You are kindly requested to send the registration form and documents by e-mail (documents preferably in pdf - they should not exceed 7 Mb in total). It is not necessary to attend the Consulate-General in person to register, nor to make an appointment.

5. For the registration of a new-born child, follow this link.

6. Registering with this Consulate general means that you will participate in certain elections in Belgium (elections for the federal Parliament and elections for the European Parliament). Please find the registration form in Dutch or French and, if needed, the proxy form in Dutch and French.

Privacy statement (Dutch) or Privacy statement (French)