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Pre-registrate your biometric data

If you don’t need a passport soon but you want to get your identity picture, fingerprints and signature already registered? This pre-registration can be done for free and will stay valid for 1 year. Send the special form (Dutch - French) to the Consulate General in Montreal and wait for the appointment confirmation.  

Form (Dutch - French) to apply for a passport with pre-registered biometric data. 

After confirmation of the Consulate General in Montreal you can also opt for an appointment with:  

  • The 'Flying Consul' 
  • Another diplomatic or consular posting (click here for contact details of all Belgian postings abroad) 

Whoever will service you will give you a confirmation form of the pre-registration of your biometric data which will be kept for a limited period of 1 year. This means you will have to send your complete passport application to the Consulate General in Montreal within that period. Don’t forget to join the confirmation form
In case you have lost this form, you should download and include an emergency form (Dutch - French).