You can have Belgian nationality legally or voluntarily. You can also lose your Belgian nationality. This section will provide you with further information.

Regaining Belgian nationality and Possession of State

Information about regaining the Belgian nationality and possession of State.
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Former Belgian nationals, can apply to regain or acquire Belgian nationality under certain specific conditions. 

As of 01.01.2013, former Belgian nationals wishing to regain Belgian nationality must have their principal residence in Belgium for at least 12 consecutive months on the basis of a legal residence permit (with registration in the population register). 

As of 12/07/2018, it is possible to submit a request for the Regaining of Belgian nationality to a Belgian Consular Post abroad but only if the loss of nationality resulted from a person’s inability to sign a Declaration of Conservation of Belgian nationality prior to their 28th birthday. 

Procedure for regaining Belgian nationality 

If you have lost your Belgian nationality because you did not sign a Declaration of Conservation before your 28th birthday and you wish to apply for recovery of nationality, please send an email to: 

Please include the following information in your email: 

  • Title/subject: "Regaining Belgian nationality"; 
  • Your full name(s); 
  • Your date and place of birth (city + country); 
  • Your address and telephone number.  

Any Declaration of Regaining of Belgian nationality is subject to the assessment of the Public Prosecutor at the Court of First Instance. Any negative opinion of the Public Prosecutor on the application can be appealed to the Family Court. 

The request must be submitted in one of Belgium’s official languages (French, Dutch or German). 

Possession of State 

As of 12/07/2018, a person who has erroneously been granted Belgian nationality and who has been consistently regarded as Belgian by the Belgian authorities for at least ten consecutive years may, if Belgian nationality is contested, sign a Declaration of Nationality at a Belgian Consular Post abroad on the basis of ‘Possession of State’. 

This declaration must be signed within one year of the final decision to contest the Belgian nationality. 

For more details regarding Possession of State, send an email to:

Include the following information in your email:

  • Title/subject: "Possession of State";
  • Your full name(s);
  • Your date and place of birth (city + country);
  • Your address and telephone number.