Biometrics - ‘Flying Consul’ Missions

Information about your biometric data during a ‘Flying Consul’ mission.

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In order to be included in the list of appointments for these missions, you must first be registered in the population registry of the Consulate General in Montreal. 

Below you will find further information on how to register for an appointment during a ‘Flying Consul’ mission. 

Upcoming ‘Flying Consul’ Missions

Toronto End November 2023 
Vancouver  Spring 2024  
Calgary  Spring 2024 

Both Belgian passport and identity card now contain biometric data: in addition to the data concerning your identity and your nationality, your signature, your photo and your fingerprints are registered. 

Each year, the Consulate General in Montreal organises several biometric data collection missions (‘Flying Consul’). During these trips, the Consul travels to a large metropolitan area in Canada with mobile equipment, so that you can register your biometrics closer to home. If you need a passport, but not immediately, you can also pre-register your biometric data. This pre-registration then remains valid for 1 year.  

The dates of the next missions are announced above. Ahead of these missions, Belgians living in the cities and regions concerned are also notified by e-mail. 

Please be aware that there is always a risk that these missions can be suspended or postponed if the conditions related to the COVID-19 pandemic so require. 

Register for an appointment during a ‘Flying Consul’ mission

This information is only available in French and in Dutch.