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Affidavit of support for students living outside Canada

Affidavit of Support for Students residing outside Canada


When to submit an affidavit of financial support ?

Any person who has sufficient resources to support the costs of health care, stay, studies and repatriation of a student, during an academic year or for the entire duration of the planned studies, can submit an affidavit of financial support to cover the costs.

Please note: the sponsor can only sign one affidavit of support per year and per student. Moreover, several people can’t be sponsors for the same student. The rule is: one student, one sponsor, one salary.

The affidavit of support begins on the day the sponsor signs the document.

The sponsor must complete the affidavit of support to take charge and have his signature legalized in person at the Consulate General of Belgium in Montreal after validation of the file by the ad-hoc service. You need a file number to be able to present yourself.


The following procedure applies since January 2021.

The sponsor sends his file by e-mail to montreal.visa@diplobel.fed.be.

In the interest of efficiency, please title your e-mail as follows:

PEC / NAME and First name of the sponsor / NAME and First name of the student / Name of the educational institution in Belgium

and ensure that ALL required documents are attached to a single email. Attachments to your e-mail must be in pdf format. If your e-mail does not include the required information, and if the attachments are not in pdf format, we will be unable to process it. Any incomplete file will be automatically deleted. Finally, please note that e-mails larger than 7Mb will not be received.

Please note that, due to COVID-19 constraints on the Consulate’s operations, processing of your file might take a few weeks. Therefore, please make sure to anticipate as much as possible.

If the file is admissible, the sponsor will receive a form and will be invited to personally make an appointment with the Consulate General to sign the sponsorship (choose student legalization (sponsorship)). If you make an appointment without having received our agreement, the appointment will be automatically cancelled. If you come to the Consulate without an appointment, the file will not be received.

At this point, the sponsor must indeed present himself/herself in person at the Consulate General with his/her file in duplicate (originals and copies). No copies can be made on site. After payment at the counter (by credit or debit card only - see consular fees), the sponsor’s signature will be legalized and the "Annexe 32" Form will be returned to the sponsor who will have to send it to the student. No document other than the “Annexe 32” will be returned to the sponsor.

Conditions to submit an affidavit of support

The sponsor must  :

  • Be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada ;
  • Prove that he or she has sufficient financial resources to support a student.

The amount of the NET monthly resources that the guarantor must have is calculated as follows :

For the sponsor :


For the student


Per dependent family member of the sponsor (*) and per family member of the student who would accompany him/her.


(*) the spouse of the sponsor is not considered a dependent if he/she is working; however, his/her income is not taken into account when assessing the sponsor's means of subsistence.

Processing time for the procedure

The processing time for your application is approximately 2 to 6 weeks depending on the number of applicants.

Documents to be submitted

Please note: All documents must be less than three months old when you submit your application and, if necessary, be translated and legalized. Please send all the following documents in pdf in order to send us only 6 documents pdf (For the point 5, please put the different documents requested in a single pdf document).

  1. The "Affidavit of support" form duly completed and signed;Please send all the following documents in pdf in order to send us only 6 documents pdf (For the point 5, please put the different documents requested in a single pdf document).
  2. The "Annex 32" form, duly completed but not yet signed;The Annex 32 form needs to be completed in the language of the city where the student will register :

Dutch form       French form 

For your convenience, you can find unoffcial bilingual versions of the form in Dutch/English  and French/English to reference if you are in need of translation. DO NOT fill these out, since these forms WILL NOT be accepted in the place of the single language version.

  1. Copy of the acceptance letter or proof of registration issued by the university or the higher education institution in Belgium;
  2. Certified copy of your passport certified by a commissioner of oeaths or notarized by a notary and, if you are not Canadian, of your valid Permanent Resident Card ;
  3. Please also submit a single pdf file with the following documents:
    • Your last 3 bank statements 
    • your last 3 pay slips of the last 3 months.
    • If you are self-employed, please provide proof of company registration + last year's tax return + the last 3 bank statements: yours and those of the company.
    • Please also provide your tax statement of 2021 for the 2020 year.
    • In addition, if you have a partner wife/husband who works, we ask you to provide the las salary slip of this person.
    • If the sponsor has 1 or more properties in his/her name, please provide the mortgage statement(s).
  4. Notarized declaration of your household/family composition (this document does not exist, it must be made with a notary in the presence of the sponsor and it specifies all  the persons who reside at the same address) (in French) ;
  5. CAD 32.00 by credit or debit card at the time of your appointment. (money orders of certified cheques are no longer accepted in this new procedure).